Finding Treasure!

Today was a great day that found the treasure I have been patiently waiting for.
Today we went to a riverside brocante in Montsoreau, a beautiful French town that sits next to the Loire. Our favourite days out are finding Brocantes and searching for treasure. 
The drive from the llama farm to this particular town is just under an hour, it is a wonderful journey, the views start with the Apple farms of our area in Sarthe. We always take the country roads as they take us through many pretty villages. We drove through pine forests and the fields changed to different crops including a poppy field that was spotted with red as the poppies are not yet in full bloom, but will soon be blood red. As the Loire became closer, every field was filled with grape vines, growing to become the wine that the area is famous for. We took the latticed iron bridge which brings us out opposite the Mushroom caves. We didn’t go there today, but they have a museum to learn about the many mushrooms grown there and a cave dwelling restaurant.
Parking is tight on Brocante day, so we parked at the champignon cav, and walked the short distance to the centre ville.
The brocante stalls here rival the best we have seen but the setting is by far the most beautiful. Hundreds of stalls selling real antiques; mirrors, frames, tables, chairs, carts, chests, and much more.....and jewellery.
Some of you may remember that back in February, Nigel asked me to marry him, of course I said yes but we didn’t have a ring, I was set on the idea of a preloved ring from a Brocante, but hadn’t found one I liked. Today in one of the most beautiful places I have been, set beside the river Loire, a cheeky little pink sapphire and diamond ring sparkled at me. Needless to say, Nigel bought it for me and placed it on my grubby farmer finger! 
After a quick celebration drink, we returned home to all our beloved animals and another glass of wine... it will be a perfect end to a perfect day 💍 💕



Comment by Angela Keen

Gawgeous ring for a gorgeous couple xxxx

Angela Keen
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