Chewing Over the Cud!

For anyone that has ever wondered where the expression chewing over the cud comes from...

Now our Llamas are a very social bunch, they always stick together and do not like to be apart from each other. Being amongst them in the field and listening to their chatter is one of the greatest joys of being a Llama Mama. They communicate with each other all the time, whether it be their soft chattering or their body movements. Watch them carefully and you begin to understand the language of Llama; the position of their ears, their tails and the sweeping movements of their long elegant necks. Youngster Orion will be the first to tell you that there is no mistaking when you have upset a Llama, he regularly has grass spit covering his beautiful brown face! Just a quick add, they do not spit at us or at our guests, they have been raised with impeccable manners and the only time you will be spat at is if you get caught in the crossfire!

Throughout the day our Llamas will return to their stable, cush down together and chew the cud. There is a video on our facebook page called chewing the cud and you will see Orion in the video giving us a fine example of cud chewing and if you listen carefully you will hear Axle chattering softly, then coming to see what I'm doing (in his mind it is an absolute certainty that I have bought gifts of Figs, apples or carrots) before settling back down with the herd. Video of Chewing the Cud!

I can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than to cush down with your best friends, chewing over the cud, having a chatter with the late autumn sunshine still warming your bones and on that note my best friend is visiting from the UK next weekend and that's exactly what we will be doing... making like Llamas 🐪❤👭❤🐪


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